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week 2 of homeschooling - tuesday, aug 25

today we wised up and let the early bird take the first shift. so allen helped with:
· math timed tests
· spelling
· fractions (they did theory on the porch swing)

then it was the night owl's turn, so i helped with:
· from the prairie primer: reading, art, language, living, science, writing, nutrition, and sugar. well, sugar was nutrition and science (studied sap to maple syrup) but we were pretty focused on sugar and ate some as well. :)
· we did an osmosis science experiment with potatoes, sugar, and water. we'll have to tell you tomorrow if the potato with sugar water in the middle did indeed absorb more water than the one without.
· THEN came my favorite part, hard labor, i mean cleanliness and work ethics. the kids cleaned and swept and scrubbed, and of course i reminded them how much easier they have it now than laura ingalls. and the house is clean and shiny. it wasn't their favorite lesson, but i liked it. :)