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week 2 of homeschooling - wednesday, aug 26

today they kids did:
· math (decimals and fractions, on the swing again)
· math timed tests
· spelling, writing, cursive, alphabetizing
· from the prairie primer: reading, writing, science, bible, living (it's pretty hard not to teach living ya know), vocabulary, and music.
· the primer suggested we try square dancing, so of course we did the hoedown throwdown by hannah montana. it's harder than it looks! you should try it. don't worry, we don't do grades! :)

· then we checked our science experiment from yesterday (osmosis using potatoes, sugar, and water). fortunately the potato with sugar water in the middle did absorb more water than the one without, showing the kids how sap moves up trees. lots of "oh, cool" and "ew, gross", so a scientific success i'd say!
· after dinner & soccer (cause such is our life now), we began part one of our research project: store bought break & bake cookies vs. homemade cookies, which are better? (i'm pulling for break & bake!) we'll see what the numbers say! it'll be fun to teach how to quantify and qualify yumminess. and i know that's a pretty big project to tackle requiring time, patience, and repeated taste testing, but i love my kids and don't mind helping. for them, you know.