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week 3 of homeschooling - monday, aug 31

today was pretty typical. have a plan, but go with the flow. flexibility is key around here!
· spelling tests
· math timed tests
· math worksheets
· reading, language worksheets
· from the prairie primer: math, science, nutrition, bible, vocabulary, living, reading.
· we talked about the moon (laura thought it was made of green cheese) and we looked at pics and videos of actual landings. check it out here on google maps, it's awesome! then even though it was after bedtime, and i have some serious midnight deadlines looming, we took the binoculars out tonight to look at it and they were impressed. all three are very certain they could see actual rocks on the ground.
· gym class with daddy turned into science class as they apparently destroyed a speaker and learned about magnets. then they had to google questions allen was going to ask. it was fun watching josh and lizzy teaching matt so he could answer!
· matt had gym at his soccer game tonight. that will be a recurring theme this season.
· this weekend we had a little science lesson too. we made toothpaste/whitener from baking soda, salt, and vinegar. they loved that it bubbled and whitened their teeth, but didn't love the taste of course. they want to do it again, but add mint extract! :)