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water safety classes

Yes, this totally counts towards our school hours. How cool is that?! Friday, we took a rafting trip down the Glade Creek section of the New River with the kids. Allen kayaked so he could be right by the kids when they swam the rapids. As Lundys, you KNOW there will be a time when they need to know this stuff. He taught them the proper technique, face up, feet downstream, toes up, don't stand up, listen for instruction, swim when told, etc. Between the learning, and wicked back flips off the front of the raft in flat water, we had a blast!
On Saturday James Nutter taught a family safety class for the OAC. Safety, gear, techniques, plans, swimming a rapid, using a throw rope, etc. The parents practiced with the kids and it was a good time together. Then we had another fun raft trip. This time though, Josh got to paddle a ducky (inflatable kayak) all by himself! He was so proud and did VERY well, never even flipping once! He followed Allen right through the rapids like a pro. Lizzy and Matt did a little more rapid swimming, and both practiced paddling the raft. No pics since my beloved waterproof camera died though. :(
Two very fun days full of water fun and learning. And the kids certainly agreed that those homeschool classes rocked!