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week 3 of homeschooling - tuesday, sept 1

it's september already, that's crazy! more of the usual today...
· math timed tests
· math and reading worksheets
· gym class - soccer practice with coach daddy
· music class - the lundy family band voted on a name - children of God - cog for short. lizzy on vocals, matt on drums, daddy on guitar, josh on recorder. they practiced come home running and didn't sound too bad either! :)
· from the prairie primer: reading, science, living health, character, bible
· the chapter mentioned oats, so we talked about different uses of oats, and then made honey oat bread. yummy!
· also from the chapter, we talked about and looked at yellow jackets. matt was kind enough to have been stung this summer, so we had a good example to discuss.
· josh had a soccer game tonight, so an extra gym class for him. and they won!
· now they want to wash our van and truck, but i can't figure how to work that into a lesson from the prairie. guess we could pretend they're covered wagons and make them carry buckets from the well instead of using the hose? no worries though, i'll find a way! :)