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week 3 of homeschooling - wednesday, sept 2

i'm loving splitting days with allen! i'm getting lots done in the morning while they work, not as much when it's my turn, then working again at night when needed.
· math timed tests
· stories using spelling words
· math worksheets
· recess, which i think should count as "getting along practice". it could also be life skills as matt will most definitely end up as a stunt man or x-gamer and they were racing scooters down a hill and seeing who got hurt the least. when they accidentally hit the barn, allen put up a gate they had to go through at a wicked angle, so they could still barely cheat death, but they wouldn't hit the barn. it's all good.
· from the prairie primer (we did 2 days' work so we can go camping, i mean on a field trip, this weekend): reading, art, science, conservation, character, cooking, history, bible, nutrition, psychology.
· for art, they tried making straw hats like ma, which they found to be much harder than it sounded in the book. they gathered straw from the field, drug it through the living room, cleaned the living room, then back out to the porch where they attempted their projects. they tried braiding hats, then weaving mats, then we finally settled for if it looked remotely like a square they were finished. :)
· love this quote from pa in little house in the big woods, talking about a threshing machine run by horses: "other folks can stick to old-fashioned ways if they want to, but i'm all for progress. it's a great age we're living in." so funny to spoiled me. :)
· they also watched an interesting video about ohio dairy famers since we don't have a cow to milk.
· gym class = soccer game where matt scored a goal! this pic was a great cross pass to the middle, while running in the opposite direction. impressive!