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family visit

today we had a memorial for allen's mom and got to spend time as she would have liked, eating a yummy feast with family gathered around her. i have to say i much preferred that than the typical somber funeral home. death is certainly sad, but we're happy for barb (knowing she's now in perfect health) and also for the family we have, so it was so nice to celebrate that.
allen also showed the kids where he grew up. of course he had to tell about all the crazy things he did, and of course they asked if they could do them too! no kids, the boy *broke his head*, i just can't let you do it all! i'm pretty easy going, nerves of steel, but between allen and the kids... shew!
i also made a scrapbook page with old pics of barb using erica belton's left and right sides of an antique album. we took a photo with most of his immediate family and they're not smiling scrapbookers, we'll have to work on that! :)