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week 10 of homeschooling

(does it always feel like each week has flown by? yeesh!)
monday, oct 19:
· math and spelling tests
· i'm moving into a new computer, which is quite the ordeal around here. so i moved computer files and programs all day, not sure what else the kids did. probably worksheets in some subject. :)
· oh, i do remember (cause i just saw the pics) allen was teaching them about printing and colors (probably from an i wonder why book?) and i showed them a great visual aid from my paper knowledge class at mead research. (waving at rhodamae, she'd be proud!)

tuesday, oct 20:
· math timed tests
· for cooking class (and sequential direction following) we made cowboy cookies (yum!)
· from the prairie primer: reading, science, health, geography, bible, art
· we finally hung up our own homemade school photos in the living room, so now we're officially up to date. now if they'd just stop growing...

wednesday, oct 21:
· math timed tests
· online math games
· story with spelling words
· hm, maybe art or music. from the looks of these guitars, they need more strings and gentler players!
· the (public) school was canceled for some reason, so lizzy went to play at the neighbors. josh read a book and matt whined about being bored (until i offered him work, then he played).
· it was the fall harvest party at awana, and they came home singing that you can't get to heaven in a pepsi can because God's a coca cola fan... (yeah dunno, but they had fun!)

thursday, oct 22:
· math timed tests
· appt day for lizzy and me, so she did math worksheets on the drive (and yeah, we did a little shopping, i mean life skills).
· math and reading worksheets for the boys
· from the prairie primer: reading, literature, bible, science, nutrition, living
· gym class was making designs with a rope all over the driveway then walking and balancing on it. also some major jumping rope, even double dutch (shew! i can still do it, barely!) daddy helped out too, it was fun! little matt jumped 42 times in a row! i know!

friday, oct 23:
ummmmm, yeah, we skipped school today. but we did watch the first 4 episodes of little house on the prairie and the kids loved it! i think it'll help them identify with the books even more. so that really isn't skipping afterall. :)