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week 11 of homeschooling

we covered a few extra chapters in the prairie primer each day so we could have thursday and friday off, because the grands are coming and it's halloween and daddy's birthday and all three adoptions days! that's too much excitement to think about school. :)

mon, oct 26:
· spelling and math timed tests
· i don't know, allen does the morning shift. i'll have to ask. (he says he won't tell)
· from the prairie primer: reading, research, science, bible, living, literature, vocabulary, character

tues, oct 27:
· i chose this morning, during math timed tests, to learn guitar. loudly. it wasn't pretty, and they weren't happy, but i hope they learned about consideration! don't judge, they needed a practical lesson (badly) and i'm out of ideas! and no, they didn't get many of the problems finished!
in the "what did you learn from this" portion of the lesson, josh guessed you're getting even with us for waking you up? (sigh) but lizzy said (with a light bulb over her head) ahh, i see where you're going with this... and she got it! we'll see if it sticks i guess.
· other stuff, ask allen.
· from the prairie primer: reading, living, art, literature, language, bible, writing, science, crafts
· lizzy came in from the field with a corn cob and made a doll, art class, there you go. and yes, her sweatshirt was on backwards, apparently because they were playing blind tag. alrightythen.

wed, oct 28:
· math timed tests
· other stuff, ask allen. sorry to those following along at home! i think he should blog.
· from the prairie primer: reading, language, writing, art, bible, science, history, sequencing, manners, vocabulary, character
· we played uncle john and ring around the rosie from the book
· we had a bible lesson about children obeying their parents, and a great theological debate. i love and they don't, prov 15:5. don't be a fool and disobey your parents. be smart. accept correction. (they're memorizing that one!).
but we had differing viewpoints on prov 22:15. all children are foolish, but firm correction will make them change. now i offered (and may or may not have made up completely) that in the original language, it was "butt firm correction" as a phrase, not just the word but, then the phrase "firm correction". so i suggested that it was my duty to give them "butt firm correction", which of course sounds like something hard, like a paddle, and that i would be happy to help them change by doing what the bible says. now they seemed to think that in the original language but was just but, and the phrase "firm correction" meant "give children candy". we didn't come to an agreement on that verse exactly, and they didn't get any candy, but they didn't get any "butt firm correction" either, at least not today. :)
· tonight was awana also, where i'm sure they got some much more sound bible teaching :)

thurs, oct 29:
· math timed tests
· baseball and football with allen for gym
· trick or treat was tonight, so who could concentrate on school?! they had fun, despite an interesting evening. while trick or treating, we found a lost child and ended up waiting a long time (missing so many houses with candy). it ended well, but the amazing part: the kids were so good and understanding! i apologized for so much time & candy lost, and matt said babies are more important than candy! i was so proud!
of course we stayed a bit longer and let them load up! :) josh was miserable in his mask, hot, itchy, couldn't breathe, sweaty. but he had to wear it, because it scared him so bad when he was three. :)

fri, oct 30:
the grand are here! the grands are here! we had a fun day catching up with them, and eating candy, candy, and more candy!