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week 9 of homeschooling

it's already the 9th week, so if we did grades, it would be crunch time! since we don't though, i think i'll give them all straight Q's. congrats kids! :)

monday, oct 12: (happy columbus day!)
· math and spelling tests
· math and grammar worksheets
· watched a cartoon about christopher columbus (man i love youtube!)
· from the prairie primer: reading, science, history, writing, reasoning, bible, vocabulary
· jack's getting in on the schooling too, but he's failing. bad. he is one stubborn dog!
· lizzy needs help getting word problems, they scare her. or other directions, she glazes over. so we're taking the math out of it and will be giving her directions and problems in paragraphs to help her get the concept, minus the fear. today she's following directions to make lunch. it includes the steps (and some unnecessary info) and we'll do easy tasks like brushing teeth, watching tv, playing games, etc. til she processes the idea of following directions. one day, hopefully, she won't fear the word problem.
· · · update: hmm, it might take a while. she followed the directions, but forgot the common sense part (like putting the bread/mayo away). boy it's hard to teach logic!

tuesday, oct 13:
· math timed tests
· book reports
· reading worksheets
· science and reading books
· we studied the seasons and holidays of fall, okay, we decorated the house, but i mentioned those things!
· from the prairie primer: reading, history, writing, nutrition, bible, literature

we finished the second book! now we're starting on the banks of plum creek, which promises we'll study binomial nomenclature (which should also be on a spelling test), weather, plagues... should be fun!

oh, and josh just asked me to post that he got 90 out of 90 division problems correct in 5 minutes and he earned an hour of playstation. so now you know.

wednesday, oct 14:
· math timed tests
· spelling words in abc order
· grammar, reading, math worksheets
· from the prairie primer: reading, science, health, geography, art, history, bible
· first aid class? to provide hands-on learning, josh kindly (yes accidentally) fell on a bench and cut his head, so we cleaned, disinfected, and bandaged. class over, for today anyway, i'm sure we'll have more.
· they played a fun matching/sequencing game - matching socks and folding laundry. i love that game (when i don't have to play!)

thursday, oct 15:
appointment day for lizzy and me, so we went to dayton, out for lunch, shopped, etc.
the poor boys worked hard with allen apparently!
· math timed tests
· math, reading, grammar worksheets
· online math games
· wrestling for gym class (figures)

friday, oct 16:
· math and spelling tests
· field trip to the fire dept! our local homeschool group organized this and it was so fun. each of the kids got to get in the firetruck and check it out. i really wanted to climb in too, but i resisted to save the kids embarrassment. of course i wish they would have resisted saying yes when firefighter andy asked if any of them played with matches! but they had a great time and hopefully learned a bit. they loved when firefighter andy came down the fire pole still holding his spiderman pillow. :)
so a great field trip, though hopefully we won't see any firetrucks here, well again anyway. once was enough. and no we weren't playing with matches...
· they watched a planet earth about caves and wrote reports
· we made laura ingalls butter cookies. yeah, the kids did the sprinkle work. they weren't bad, but i think laura would like our sweeter chocolate chip cookies better! :)
· and for family movie night, we watched akeelah and the bee, which totally counts since it was about a spelling bee! :)