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a grand week with the grands!

we had such a fun week while the grands were here! waving, hi grandma and grandpa! (my mom will totally wave at her computer screen.)
october 31st is our big day: halloween, allen's birthday, and all three adoption days (8 yrs for josh, 3 for matt & lizzie). so we celebrated for days! candy, cookies, cake, cupcakes, pie, pumpkin bread (new to me, and yummy!), and oreo truffles (allen's request instead of cake, though we ended up with cake too!) we made dead fingers, which looked great before they baked. they turned into monster's mashed fingers after. :/
we canceled school on monday and declared it grandparents day! the kids went to lunch, dinner, and shopping with them and allen and i had a free day! fun day for everyone, except poor grandpa who hurt his back. :( but he got a few days rest and we had more time to visit, so a bonus for us (if a bit painful for him).
random pics below. lizzy went curly for the big day. a pic of the kids and grands looking at a scrapbook. josh falling asleep with the dog. matt watching tv with/on grandma and grandpa. the dreaded family photo, had to be bribed with a silly pic, but we got a few of us all together.
they've headed back to florida now and will be missed around here, but we were glad to have such a fun visit! see you at christmas! (i bet she waved again.) :)


Liz McCoy said…
looks like a marvelous time with the whole family :D