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little lundys on the prairie

today we walked to school just like laura ingalls. it's 2.5 miles to the public school, the same distance laura walked to hers from the little house on plum creek. so we walked there, and back, and shew! we all decided she was pretty tough! we couldn't imagine doing that after morning chores, then having a full day of school, then doing it again, then having more chores, and homework, yikes!
it's also very convenient that on the corner by the school, there's an old one-room schoolhouse that we got to explore! it made our walk to school a little more authentic and educational. (wish i'd taken my camera, i just had my phone for pics!)
so cool to walk along the prairie (corn and soy fields) and teach the kids while we saw some homeschooling neighbors, combines up close, dead birds (they thought so anyway), a creek, etc. it was a fun trip!


Liz McCoy said…
what an amazing lesson. How cool that the old school house made for a neat destination. Yes we are so thankful to have vehicles that get us to and from so quickly and in HEAT :D