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1-dish recipes, yummy and so easy!

my newest favorite site i got from a jar of yeast and i'm so glad i read labels!!

bread ingredients, meat, & toppings all thrown in to a cold oven then turned on for 30 min. so cool!

the first i tried was bbq pizza bake. (now a regularly scheduled meal - if i scheduled meals).

it was so good i forgot to take a picture! so i made it again tonight. doubled it because we wanted seconds this time! my brother suggested french fried onions on top and we'll definitely add those next time! (scroll down for another recipe!)
the second was cheeseburger pie. another success & new regular by request!

i obviously went with square instead of round, cause that's how i roll. (k, bad pun) the thousand island made this great. (big mac special sauce anyone?!)
and yes, the cheese is frozen. i didn't realize we were out and fortunately had some in the freezer in case of cheese emergency. it worked fine. cheddar cheese would work well too.
and yes, i forgot to take a picture of the finished pie again before we ate it!