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fun christmas break in florida!

we all had mixed feelings about spending christmas in florida. no snow? no cold? away from home? well, now we all agree - we loved it! mostly because the grands were there, so it felt like home. but it was so fun to enjoy the sun and beach, and christmas too!
we're now also big fans of driving overnight. it was great without all the traffic, stops, bright sun, (not to mention the whining and fighting, oh i just did!) and it took 14 hrs instead of 17. allen and i took turns snoozing in the back (and watching little house episodes with the kids). great way to travel!
i took 1,105 pics this week, so i'll just make you suffer through a few of them!

12/23: walks by the canal, boat ride, only spotted one gator, looking at christmas lights

12/24: day at the beach, swimming and kayaking, opening one gift early

12/25: opening gifts of course, and playing with them all day

12/27: the kids (and dog!) jumped on the trampoline for hours today, until it snowed, then for hours more!


Liz McCoy said…
Looks like a marvelous time!!! Love kayaking pictures looks like everyone had a great time!!