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i AM a cook!

so allen's convinced me that i *am* a cook afterall and i'm embracing it! i've always hated it, never understood it, and was rarely good at it. but lately i've been applying what i am good at, research, and it's working! (i knew that college degree would come back into play one day.)
now i've switched gears from betty exhausted crocker to research scientist baker and i'm loving it! my family doesn't mind that i don't spend hours slaving over meals. they just know the stuff i threw in the crock pot smells good. they don't care if i thaw the chicken first or grate my own cheese. they don't care that i think anything over 10 minutes to prepare is way too long. they don't even care that i don't know what half these ingredients are, or what any of them do. they are just thankful that they have yummy meals (usually, there are plenty of failures, learning opportunities still) and a much happier mom in the kitchen.
i love my bread maker, crock pot, one-dish recipes, and my time spent (what little i spend) in the kitchen for my family. well that, and i love licking the spoons...

Apparently I AM A COOK. No, not like you, your mom, or your amazing Aunt Sue, but I can cook, and I’m starting to like it! Who knew?!
No, I don’t know what season to taste means. I wish you’d just say how much. No, I don’t know what baking soda does, nor do I care. But I can find easy recipes that we love. It’s a treasure hunt now I enjoy. Want to know my secret ingredient? Love!

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