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Merry Christmas from (mostly) sunny Florida!

we're having a great visit with the grands in middleofnowhere, florida - where every day it's in the 70's, there is no agenda, life moves at a slower pace (literally), and grandchildren are being spoiled (rotten!). we're loving it!
this morning started a bit early for the grownups, but the kids couldn't wait any longer. they all agree: BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! josh was so happy with his real BB gun. matt's loving his pump action shotgun (not real!). and lizzy loves her new doll and named her regan. and we were all amazed to see that santa left a trampoline at home in ohio!!! (that would have been hard to get home in the van!) i have a feeling that will be the source of future funny videos and possibly broken bones...
we hope you're having a very Merry Christmas today wherever you are!


Liz McCoy said…
what a marvelous holiday!! love josh's hair it's soo vintage :D

Did you all decide to sink the trampoline?