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week 15 of homeschooling

we canceled school all week changed the format of school this week. since our cousins were visiting, then we were going to my aunt's for thanksgiving, we're calling it genealogy week! and yes, yes we can do that! :)
my lovely cousin michelle colwell came to visit us from mississippi with her two boys elijah and josiah. the kids had so much fun playing together, although lizzy thinks michelle needs a girl. :) we didn't do much beyond playing, eating, watching movies, and visiting and it was great! we were sad to say bye on thursday, but hopefully we can visit them down south one day soon.
we spent thanksgiving at aunt katie and uncle jim's as usual and enjoyed it very much as usual! then we went on to allen's sister's for more good food, shew!
friday was spent recovering from the feasts and all the week's activity, although we'd do it again today!