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week 18 of homeschooling

mon, dec 14:
· math and spelling tests
· grammar & math worksheets
· reading books
· bible lesson with allen. (no mention of laser beams this time, so all is well)
· gym class was some combination of throwing/catching balls while jumping on the mini-trampoline
· from the prairie primer: reading, history, writing, bible, vocabulary, reasoning, safety, geography
· i seamlessly tied in a story about internet safety to a little house on the prairie lesson about strangers. i used my geek powers for good! :)

tue, dec 15:
· math timed tests
· grammar worksheets
· "area of need" day - some extra time for the subject each struggles with
· reading books
· the children of God band practiced loudly for music class
· from the prairie primer: reading, history, reasoning, literature, bible, geography

wed, dec 16:
· math timed tests
· spelling words in abc order
· reading books
· bible lesson
· while reading the book (by the shores of silver lake), the chapter had a major cliff-hanger and the kids BEGGED me to keep reading. then it got so good they didn't want to stop, so we read all 6 chapters to finish it up. you should have heard the gasp when laura saw almanzo for the first time, shew!! i *love* how much they get into these books!
· from the prairie primer: reading, history, geography, living, vocabulary, reasoning, science, bible, character, writing
· awana night
· i saw this very cool video on facebook, so we had to watch. totally relevant since it's an ubercool interpretation of ukraine during WWII, part of josh's heritage. world history class - check!

thurs, dec 17:
· math timed tests
· spelling tests
· grammar worksheets
· "area of need" day
· bible lesson
· no prairie primer. since we finished the book early, we just concentrated on our maps. i printed BIG maps that took 4 sheets of paper so they could fill in the states AND read what they wrote. (with josh, that's still near impossible)
· we played with this cool interactive map to quiz on the states and capitals.
· fun moment: they asked me if sweet home was the capital of alabama! :)

fri, dec 18:
· book reports are due for josh & lizzy. don't hold your breath, they just finished reading tonight!!
· computer games day!
· maybe we'll bake something, dessert probably...

TA DA! the end of the second 9 weeks! since we don't do grades, i'm thinking of giving them colors. good job kids, you got all yellows. or maybe we'll pick a fruit... whatever we do, we they survived another semester, so good show!

next week we're heading to florida, so we'll take the week off, except for watching little house episodes on the way down. guess that'll count for the next semester. and we'll hopefully learn about latitude and how much warmer it is in the south (unless the cold follows us, which it tends to do, in which case we'll study weather abnormalities and drink cans of suck-it-up).