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week 22 of homeschooling

mon, jan 25:
today we practiced school on the road. we went to indiana to look at new homes (RVs). i drove while allen taught on the way there, then he drove while i taught on the way back.
(fyi, found a fifth wheel that we love with 2 bedrooms, 4 bunks, 2 bathrooms, full-size fridge. maybe soon!)
· math & spelling tests
· bible lesson
· from the prairie primer: reading, bible, language, complaining (really, it was in there!), health, living

tues, jan 26:
· math worksheets
· reading
· appointment day in dayton, so we skipped the prairie primer today.
· watched a scary little house episode about halloween and laura having nightmares. i'm guessing lizzy will have some...

wed, jan 27:
no nightmares for lizzy, or anyone, cool!
um, i don't remember. sorry, the days are running together in the excitement of preparing to move. they're learning, we're teaching, i'm just not remembering to write it down!
the kids had awana.

thurs, jan 28 - fri, jan 29:
hmm, yeah, still don't remember. we did finish the book, the long winter and ate wheat bread. although we didn't have that, and only that, for months on end like the poor ingalls family during their long winter of blizzards!
i'll try to do better next week (although i have to admit, there's an RV show, so we'll be looking for our new home!) :)


Juli said…
I'm SO EXCITED for you!!!
This is actually one of my dreams and I love that you are following yours! I wish you the very best and be sure to keep the blog updated! That way I can live through your enthusiasm :)