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we have the truck to tow our home!

we traded in our beloved scarlet and gray hondas (why yes, those are ohio state buckeyes colors!) for a chevy silverado to pull our new home. our first new cars ever, and we just traded both for a used truck. so uncool, unjust, unfair, but ahhh such is life.
no more getting 30 miles to the gallon, but no more car payments either. most importantly, now we have a big truck to pull our big camper. just gotta get that camper! we're still working on that and can't wait to get it. we have the model picked out and it's so fun.
with all this snow, we're itching to drive south! just gotta sell the house. (anyone want to buy a house?!) :)
fyi, if you ask me, the truck is white with 4 doors. if you ask allen, he says this: silverado 2500HD 6.6L duramax turbocharged diesel 4WD crew cab. yeah, whatever, but it is sweet! :)