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week 23 of homeschooling

mon, feb 1:
· math & spelling tests
· math worksheets
· bible class
every other minute of their day was taken up with reading or staring into space "dying of boredom". they're all being educated by a severe grounding this week (i'd rather not say why, to protect the innocent and guilty little...), so they're in separate rooms with only books from morning til night. it's been quite peaceful here, and no i didn't devise that plan either. they earned it all on their own.

tues, feb 2:
· math tests
· phonics worksheets
· reading, lots of reading, lots and lots of reading...
· music class was skipped because allen traded his drums for a sweet guitar!
· i had an appointment so we skipped the prairie primer.
· for a different adventure, i took the boys to the local college for haircuts by cosmetology students. they were both way too shaggy, and very sad to get their mops cut, but they look SO much better! they sure cheered up when she suggested they get fauxhawks! (mental note to use that next time...)

wed, feb 3:
· spelling word stories
· bible lesson
· math workbooks
· from the prairie primer (yes, finally back into the groove!): reading, history, bible, science, economics
· awana tonight. they each finished a section, a [word i can't remember], or a book!
· and again, every other minute was reading or starting into space due (hopefully thinking man, i'll never do that again!) to the grounding...

thurs, feb 4 - fri, feb 5:
· okay, it's just too hard to remember. every day's been like a snow day it seems. we're buried! some days we have school and some days we let them off. between that and planning for the RV move, we're just having fun. don't worry, there's always a learning opportunity around here and we don't miss them! we just tweak them. :)