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week 24 of homeschooling

yeah okay, another lost week. there was school work, i just can't remember much of it. of course allen always sticks to the spreadsheet. but this was another week of preparing to move, or unmove. we bought (and traded much for) our truck and camper and worked on those details. we're still trying to work out how to get the camper home with all this snow. we've tried staring at it, but that's not helping.
most everything was canceled this week, appointments, awana, a field trip, so there was lots of playing. we watched some little house episodes, which totally count. we also watched the olympics opening ceremony, which also counts! we'll look up all the countries we saw represented. the kids were fascinated by the countries with few athletes because they didn't have winter sports. josh still thinks it's cool he could compete for ukraine (he has dual citizenship), although he wanted to compete in football, so we should also study the sports in the winter games. :) and as an added bonus, we saw parts of canada represented during the ceremony that are in the call of the wild (which we're also reading right now).
today they did play a great matching game, that helps with logic, reasoning, and hand-eye coordination - yeah, they totally just did the laundry. gotta love that! :)