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week 25 of homeschooling

another non-normal week, which is becoming normal...
monday was presidents day, so the local schools were off, but we did school since we've missed so much. math, spelling, social studies, the usual.
tuesday we studied snow removal, and strength training, and winter survival skills. yeah, we (mostly) cleared the parking lot and driveway of snow and ice so we could get the camper in the next day. took all of us, the entire day, and you could hardly tell!
wednesday we brought home our new home!
thursday it was hard to do anything besides check out the camper. future planning skills? organization skills? housekeeping for the next school year? whatever, we had fun!
friday the kids had a field trip at charleston falls. they love it there and had a ball. this time they dug bones of birds out of owl vomit. good times, glad i missed it!