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week 26 of homeschooling

getting back on track with our schooling and posting!
mon, feb 22:
· homeschool field trip to the garbry museum at willowbrook environmental education center in piqua. run by jvs students. i couldn't believe we've not seen this before, it's very cool! we toured an early 1900s town square with a bank, one-room schoolhouse, a blacksmith, dentist, creamery, etc. we also saw how they make maple syrup. and the kids of course loved the covered wagon, after reading so much about them this year. great field trip! pics below.
· gym class was moving allen's weights and bench from the basement to the garage (because he sold it). great workout! :)
· music class was setting up the electronic drum set he found on ebay. why yes, yes we are supposed to be purging. but apparently families *need* a drum set on the road, or i'd have nothing to complain about.

tues, feb 23:
· math and spelling tests
· math workbooks
· music class, the children of God singing taylor swift, interesting (and really, pretty good!)
· then appt day in dayton for lizzy and me, and a bit of shopping.
· for gym class, allen jumped on the trampoline with the boys. it must have been pretty serious because all three of them took a nap afterward! and at least two of them have bumps on their heads. :)

wed, feb 24:
· the usual with allen (he sticks to his schedule!)
· in honor of presidents day (that we kinda skipped), the kids went on a george washington webquest. so fun! i love that they can do it themselves, working together (fairly well).
· awana night

thurs, feb 25:
· the usual with allen
· they didn't love my plan, but it was a good plan. instead of watching little house, we acted it out. so we cleaned the house, with good attitudes just like laura and mary. well, maybe not *just* like them. :) (right after that we got a showing on our house. how cool is that?!)

fri, feb 26:
· it was a snow day for the local schools (and i had a few big deadlines looming), so we went easy. the kids cleaned out their toys and started deciding what to take in the RV.
· we watched a few episodes of little house, always educational and they still love every minute of it!


Checking out your blog from Twitter. Love your new home! Very spacious. Can't wait to see what others photoshop on the back. If you're ever interested in sharing some of your field trips, I host a Field Trip Friday Meme at my blog. I'd love it if you'd stop by and link up. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures. Blessings!:)