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Welcome home to our new home, with wheels!

It's here! Our Sierra Treehouse is now in the driveway (although it took 30 minutes to maneuver it in there)! It's a tad bigger than our travel trailer. Okay, a lot bigger, it's ginormous, but it fits.
We spent the day at All American Coach trading the trailer in, getting the hitch installed, learning about the Treehouse, and then we brought it home. The new truck pulls like a dream too.
Here's a peek at where we'll be living as soon as our house sells. Or until we can stand it no longer and pull out early!
We love the separate rooms and how it feels more like a house than a wide open camper. And we'll have separate areas for work, school, and play. Now we can focus on getting it packed and ready. People kept asking the kids today where they were going to camp first. They said we won't be camping, we'll be living. Love it!

Yeah, it's kinda big.

My new kitchen. There's room for my breadmaker and crockpot too, yay. :)

We had pizza and took a nap while they installed the hitch. The table can seat 7, so you're welcome to dinner!

The kids love love love their loft.

And they love the ladder entrance to the loft in the back too. This will be another family room with a couch and another TV. Cause for whatever reason, we need 3 TVs?

FYI, the truck passed the comfort test. All three slept comfortably on the way there!



Congrats on your new home!

I have been looking, but will have to start out small.

I can't wait to "roadschool".