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our daily bread (literally)

i can't stop baking bread! :) i love my bread maker, but since i got this book (a tip from a friend, thanks amie!) from the library about artisan bread in 5 minutes, i've been making it at least once a day (twice today!) it's so easy it's just amazing that it tastes good too.
here's the recipe if you want to try it now!
just mix (no kneading, no nothing) and leave (for hours, days, or weeks - we've only gotten as far as days), then pull some out, plop on a stone, and bake. really. i know!
my bread never looks the same, which makes it kinda fun for us.
twice i've forgotten to slash the top, which made for interesting results. yesterday's looked like a rock. if it didn't taste good, i was thinking it would be a good door stop (oh, but it was so good!).
this morning instead of plopping it on a stone, i cut it in half and made two thin rolls - french baguettes. not quite like the ones i had in paris, but good. :)
tonight, i tried using it as pizza dough, and yeah, works there too! i made my usual dough in the bread maker, just in case. so we actually had leftover pizza - which never happens in this house! the bread dough dough (uh, as opposed to the dough dough?) was thick and yummy!
and i've only used one recipe from this book! i need to read the next chapter i think. :)
let me know if you try it. better yet, bring me some! :)

and then there are days where you drop it in the oven and it ends up looking like a burnt kidney bean!


Liz McCoy said…
looks deliciously wonderful :D !!! I recommended the book to my sister who loves making homemade bread!!

Your post actually makes me want to make it too!!