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week 29 of homeschooling

yes, we totally did weeks 27 & 28, i just didn't blog it. it was amazing. i think. or maybe it was spring break! yeah, that's it!

mon, march 15 - thurs, march 18:
· all the usual. i didn't slack a bit. well, maybe a little. the kids have been spending a lot of time studying physics, specifically the law of inertia, and a bit of first aid. okay, yes, on the trampoline!
· today it was so nice we did our work out there on the trampoline, yes, the dog too.
· allen of course stuck to the spreadsheet. that never changes. that will never change. the drill sergeant's voice in his head won't let it.
· we got back to the prairie primer, and i *love* to hear the kids begging for just one more chapter. they love little house! from the primer: reading, history, health, science, bible, character, obeying your parents (my favorite subject), authority, citizenship.
. thanks to an unfair teacher (almanzo's sister), we've had some great lessons about obeying those in authority. we might not agree with them, and we're free to express that respectfully, but God allows them to be in charge, so we obey them. we voted against tax hikes, but they passed, so we will pay higher taxes. we disagree with needless paperwork that wastes those taxes we pay, but it's required, so we will do the paperwork. (trust me, i was full of examples!)

fri, march 19:
· homeschool field trip to charleston falls with the backyard buzzards!
· then we're off to see the music man by school on the rock (a local homeschool co-op). i bet it'll be great!