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week 30 of homeschooling

mon, march 22:
aunt katie and uncle jim came for a visit so we got to show them the new home and spend time catching up. it was so nice to get to sit and talk with them! the kids even played them a song with lizzy singing, matt on drums, and josh on guitar. i was quite impressed myself as i usually don't listen very closely to their practicing. (okay, okay, i try to avoid it) but they did well!
tues, mar 23:
appt day, so lizzy and i headed to dayton, then did some shopping. not sure what the boys did, but probably bounced. that's what they all do night and day. anytime they have more than 3 minutes to kill we hear, "hey wanna bounce?" they love that trampoline!
wed-fri, march 24-26:
here's where it gets fuzzy for me! i started preparing for birthday week and the 24 hour chat at DSP so i worked nights and slept in the mornings. i'm not really sure what all the kids did with allen, but i'm grateful that they did whatever it was they did! i tell ya, a digital scrapbooking celebration is exhausting! but very fun of course! DSP is celebrating our 6th year, which is really old in digital years. :)