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week 31 of homeschooling - spring break?!

SPRING BREAK! the local schools are on spring break, so we decided we are too! how it's different than any other day is hard to tell, but the kids are happy.
it's warming up, so we're spending a little time customizing and packing the RV, and a lot of time just taking a break. fortunately (?? thinking positively!) i have a huge work project to finish up, so i'm working on that as well. plus it's birthday week, so it's pretty insane anyway. but a good insane! :)
today allen installed security features (i can't tell you or i'd have to kill you!) and some tool organizational features. lizzy went a a friend's house and got to play with GIRLS for a change. the boys helped me measure and cut their mattresses to size. then it took quite a geometry class to figure out how to position them so all three could see the stars under the skylight. (always learning, even on break.) now the loft at least is customized and ready for the road!
we tried making oranges into flowers since we read about that in little house. laura ingalls tasted her 2nd orange when she was 15! the kids were amazed, but then laura's grands don't live in florida like theirs! :)
and since it's break, why not stay up late and have dessert?! (really, any excuse works for me). dessert pizza (sugar cookie crust) mmmmm...
so good. really, look closely! :)


Liz McCoy said…
the orange flowers look awesome!! soo cool!! and the candy pizza thingy YUMMMMMMMMM toasted marshmallows excellent!