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What’s your favorite thing about Women of Faith?

i'm not sure if i can choose just one favorite thing about women of faith. maybe the best thing is that it comes back every year! WOF is coming up in columbus in a month and i have a ticket!
i had such an incredible time last year (and blogged about it here), and can't wait for this year! of course i can't wait to spend time with my girlfriends. they're my support system and i love and need them dearly. WOF is very energizing and refreshing too. the speakers are relevant and real. the musicians make you want to sing and dance, even if you can't. singing with 17,000 other women is just amazing! and it was very fun to post and read on twitter and facebook about the happenings on the porch and behind the scenes, while it was all happening. i didn't find it distracting, but rather very immersing. i was fully involved with the speakers, singing, friends, strangers, it was just a rich experience.
this year's theme is "over the top" and i'm quite sure it will be! and as a digital scrapbooker, i'm loving even the graphic design! :) i know the event will be wonderful and the weekend with my friends so much fun!


Jamie F. said…
I'm not surprised that you love the graphic design - your site looks GREAT!