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Women of Faith Wednesday - What is your favorite vacation memory?

my favorite vacation memory is SO hard to choose. after spending a month last year in australia, new zealand, and the cook islands, how can i choose ONE?! i mean there were breath-taking mountains, beaches, volcanoes, rain forests, narnia, middle earth, rafting waterfalls, bungy jumping, jet boating, the great barrier reef, kangaroos, koalas, scrapbooking (totally had to work!), meeting online friends, and just so much more. i'd love to simply choose may of 2009! :)
to pick one, i think it would be sitting on the beach in rarotonga, cook islands. probably because i was exhausted from that vacation!!! :) this was the amazing view from our bungalow. check out the crystal clear water under the kayak! the island is surrounded by a reef creating a beautiful, calm, and safe lagoon all around the island. you don't even need to snorkel because it's so shallow and clear.
the reason i liked it so much (besides the beach, i love the beach!) was it was simply time spent with just allen and no agenda. we were very happy to spend much of our trip with dsp friends and especially grateful to the bavin family (who we could simply never repay, they were amazing)! and the entire trip was a whirlwind of squeeze in as much as we possibly can in case we never come back - which we did successfully and i'm so glad. but it was nice at the end of that amazing trip to just soak it all in. of course with allen, there's little relaxing as he craves adventure. so we were riding around the island on a moped, hiking in the rainforest, exploring deserted islets, avoiding wild chickens, and just enjoying the unspoiled island and all of God's creation together. the kids were happy with the grands, work was covered, no one was waiting on us, and we had nowhere to go. it was awesome!
but this view, and the smell and breeze and sounds i can still imagine was my favorite. :)

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