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moving pains

yes it's exciting getting ready to sell everything, but oh it hurts too. not my heart, my back! my aching back. we lifted and carried and bent and cleaned and sorted and shew! i may never buy furniture again. we could park our RV in the middle of 100 acres and just stay.
moving stinks! trying to work on the floor stinks more! trying to work on the floor after moving stinks the most!
but we did go get ice cream and that helped. :)


Lori said…
yes it does we did the whole basement yesterday! It isn't so much the move I have moved ALOT we where It is the moving but staying in the mess and the move takes forever, you are gettting rid of everything. A move take what a weekend? This is taking months, the hardest move ever and I have moved across the country 8 months (((HUGS)))
Kristie said…
We are almost there! Love reading your blog, it keeps me motivated. We will be on the road by July in Hotels, then hopefully in our trailor by Feb.