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AND WE'RE OFF! We're officially fulltime RVing, finally!

We pulled out today around 1pm and headed East. Okay, we headed to Walmart for a few quick things THEN we headed East. Pastor Adam came and took some video and photos. It’ll be really cool to have our last time in a house (without wheels) documented. It was really fun as we pulled away and we cheered and hollered! Driving through Troy was more bittersweet though, I might have cried. (I always cry.) It’s been a great town and we’ll miss it and our friends there dearly. We’re so thankful though for technology that will keep us connected, no matter where we roam!
And yes, I’m posting this from the laptop, in the truck, with the air card. How cool am I? (Unless it doesn’t work right, then I’m a dork.) :)


Kim Liddiard said…
Great Photos.. Go Lundys Go!!
Liz McCoy said…
YAY!!! how exciting!!! love the pictures you all look WONDERFUL and so excited to start your new adventure :)
Heather Mattern said…
Woot Woot!!! Im envious! Cant wait to see what adventures are to come! Im going to have to check into an air card, sounds awesome!