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City skyline, Columbus Ohio, and kayaker guy

We like cities, from afar anyway. It's fun to spot a skyline and we thought maybe we'd take photos as we travel to (hopefully around) new cities. And then I realized our kayaker guy will be in most of them, so maybe we'll let him have the spotlight. We'll see. Since our plan is to have no plan, we can't make too many plans... Anyway, we have a kayaker on the dash (and the hitch) sitting in whitewater (yes, it's velcro) and he paddles the miles with us as we travel. I don't know if he has a name, but you might see him again in the future.
We've started with the best city of all. COLUMBUS, OHIO. Home of THE Ohio State University. Go Buckeyes! (Yeah, we have those magnets on the truck too.)