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Crock Pot Pizza recipe

We're trying to break free from the "we're camping" mindset to the "we live in an RV" mindset, so I'm getting back to our normal meals instead of quick and easy. Of course our normal meals ARE quick and easy fortunately. Well, or else they wouldn't be our meals. But no more frozen stuff. We've had homemade pizza, chicken pot pie, BBQ chicken bake, spaghetti, and tonight was crock pot pizza.
I've apparently not shared this recipe yet, and it's one of our favorites! We've tried beef and chicken and both are great. Easy meal in a crock pot, even for RVing families! Assuming you kept your crock pot. :)
I was a little short on sauce so I threw in some salsa this time too. No one noticed. :)
I also made Ranch bread. It was supposed to be Italian, but I had no Italian mix, just Ranch, so I figured I'd try it to see how it was. It's their new favorite!

Crock Pot Pizza
1 lb ground beef or chicken
2 jars pizza sauce (16oz) – I use spaghetti sauce
1 med. Chopped onion – I use frozen
10oz mozzarella cheese
10oz cheddar cheese
Half a box of rigatoni, cooked - I use whatever noodles I have on hand
3oz sliced pepperoni - I just cover the layer, and maybe eat a few

Brown meat/onion.
Layer half each of the following in order in crock pot: meat/onion, noodles, pepperoni, pizza sauce, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese. Repeat layers.
Cook on low for 3-4 hours. Keep noodles covered with sauce.


Dee said…
AHA! Thanks for sharing this!! It does sound yummie... will bookmark this post to try it soon. :)

Take care!
Crockpot Recipe said…
I think this will be perfect for my twin boys. They simply love pizza and it will be great to incorporate that in our dinner menu. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I can't wait to try it, lol!
Sheri Smith said…
Crock pots are great in the summer. I plug it in outside so I don't heat up my oven of a camper! It is nice to go play for a while and come back to dinner. I have two in our camper now and a rice cooker I just love.
Contrats on being a new Family on the Road! I just saw the comment you left on my blog and came to take a peek at yours. I feel like I found a long lost soul sister here. I've met up with other Christian unschooling FOTR Moms...but have yet to have found a digiscrapping one. I'm guessing if we do meet up, we could talk for hours and hours and not run out of things to discuss. We're in VA right now, so if you make your way here, let me know!
Stephanie said…
Yum! I like crock-pot cooking and I like pizza so...I want to try this. :)