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Dirty Ernie's Rib Pit, Fayetteville, WV

Sound good? It is! We celebrated finding a geocache today (without our un-trusty GPS even!) by ribs and BBQ at a place we discovered years ago while white water rafting down here in WV. We found the shirt (red, top right) we'd signed and left in 2005! Yes Ohio State Buckeyes, what did you expect?! :) It's a tradition and there are shirts from all over. Money too, signed and all over their walls. We opted for the shirt though. In case you're wondering, yes, they do go easy on that whole no shoes, no shirt, no service rule when you leave a shirt... :)


Rustastic said…
There use to be a fish restaurant we would visit and they would take a photo and post it on the wall...thought that was cool...but it burnt..sad.

As far a BBQ goes, I know that is good BBQ because it is in an area that knows BBQ.....All of the Mid South has "real" BBQ...Texas only has beef ....I was raised in I consider PORK BBQ to be real