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Disconnected from civilization, mostly

We've moved from Portersville, PA to Farmington, PA to Tall Oaks Campground. Don't let that pool fool ya, it's not been filled for years. We're in the middle of another field. Allen will be kayaking the Yough the next two weekends. And while we do love the Ohiopyle area, we don't have internet or cell phone service. ACK! And we would so love for it to warm up and stop raining! The kids LOVE the natural waterslides, but when it's 40F and raining, just not so fun. We had an inside day today, lots of games for the kids while Allen and I worked. Good times.
But at least we have electric AND water right now. And tonight we won't freeze, again. Last night we had no electric, so no heat (because it doesn't run on battery). Although today we found out the electric was our fault AND the heat does run on battery! So positively thinking, I guess it's a lesson we'll never forget.
The lovely free wifi though is only up at the office, so we have to drive often and sit there to work. The aircard doesn't work, probably because of the tall oaks and no signal. I really look forward to getting to parks that aren't in the middle of nowhere simply because that's where the rivers run. Ah, but Allen needs to get his fill of kayaking with his buddies while he can before we head west! Or south, or wherever we end up heading...