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Geocaching, what we've learned already, the hard way

We didn't find our nearby geocache tonight, but we will tomorrow. Because now it's personal! We did, though, learn many valuable lessons on this, our second attempt to find a cache. The first one was easy, appropriately noted as a park and grab. This one, not so much. Although it was only 0.4 miles from the RV (picture 3 kids cheering wildly to that news!), that's how the crow flies, not how the Lundys hike. But tomorrow, we'll have different news. For now, here are a few tips you should remember if you decide to try geocaching. (And we highly recommend you do!)
And no, don't think common sense will prevail either. It won't. The thrill of the hunt will take over, trust us!
1. Don't start when it's almost dark.
2. Dress appropriately for the hike. (Allen has some saying about there are no bad conditions, just lack of gear, or something.)
3. Crocs aren't for hiking.
4. Sticker bushes stink if you're wearing shorts.
5. Have a full battery if you're using your iPhone to locate a cache.
6. Set a waypoint at the road or return point or tie something bright in trees. Excitedly running in circles in the woods in the dark doesn't make the return hike easy to remember.
7. If the description includes bushwhacking, it's not an easy hike.
8. Seven-year-olds are heavier to carry uphill than downhill.
You're welcome. Stay tuned for a better story tomorrow! We hope!


Marilyn said…
Letterboxing ( is similar to geocaching, but without the gps. It's a lot of fun, too. You will need a small notebook, stamp pad and a rubber stamp.
Chris said…
Been reading through your blog and wondering, imagining, fantasizing what living on the road might be like (a lot of work, I'm sure, but a great adventure as well).

We've been geocaching since 2006 as a family (wife, me, 3 daughters - 10yo, 6yo & 1.5yo) named TheGreatFinders on

If/when you make it to Houston, Tx and need some suggestions of where to go, what to see and what to do, we'd be more than happy to make suggestions (including educational ones!).