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How I'm going to cure cancer, and other thoughts on Matt...

In attempting to teach our children, we've been learning a LOT ourselves. In our homeschooling adventures, we've run the gamut of keeping up with our local school to pushing them to be grades ahead to allowing them to be grades behind to realizing none of that matters. We simply want them love to learn, so we're simply loving to learn along with them.
One thing that doesn't take long to learn is that Matt tests boundaries, sometimes resulting in our frustration, usually resulting in his injuries. If you say don't touch that door, instantly his hand goes up as close as possible to the door. Add that to some physical issues he has and he usually falls through the door. So if you don't want something to happen, warning him of it almost guarantees that it will. It's not defiance, exactly, it's Matt. Once you really know Matt and understand his history, you know it's not, although that doesn't make it easier!
We've already learned to use his love of breaking things for good, so now I think we can use his not-exactly-defiance for good too...

I'm going to tell him NOT to find a cure for cancer.
I may even tell him NO ONE should use research and testing methods that haven't been tried.

And if you know Matt, he'll likely find a cure, just because he can't.
Granted he'll probably try crazy methods, thinking outside the box, and get in trouble. He'll likely test those methods on himself against laws and common sense, but he'll do it. Because he's Matt.


Brian Vinson said…
Our Andrew is cut from the same mold... and if curing cancer can somehow involve extreme sports, he will do it. Probably by accident.