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Jr. Rangers, Geocaching, Odd Petting Zoo - and we're leaving it!

Yay! Allen finally had enough and we're leaving Monday. Not enough of the area, it's beautiful and so fun. Enough of being disconnected from civilization. Sure my work suffered, and my staff was left waiting, but the final straw? Allen couldn't check his fantasy sports. I know, serious stuff. So Monday we'll be moving on. No idea where yet, just on. Between here and whereverwe'regoing, WV anyway. But while we're here (in between driving to the office to check email!) we've enjoyed many things.

Allen played miniature golf with the kids at Nemacolin. We're not really sure if it was free, but Allen let the boys out of his sight (why do dads do that?) and they came back yelling it was free. They drove me by it last night and wow, quite a course. You play under two different waterfalls.
He also took them to Fort Necessity where they got their first Jr. Ranger program books. I took them back yesterday to turn them in and get their badges. They learned a LOT! So did we! We also found stage one of a multi-stage geocache. Those are not easy!
Lizzy found bonnet like Laura Ingalls might wear. Um, dunno.
They had a great fort playground. We played a little prank on Matt not letting him look at the front. Yeah, he was NOT happy!
And we found an amazing petting zoo! More on that in the next post, because we went back today!