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Kayaking buddies for life

Friday Allen, Josh, and Dottie ran the middle New. It’s an easy paddle with two pretty big rapids at the beginning and end. Josh did great! No flips at all and Allen said he handled his new boat well. Oh yeah, we bought the kids a new (to them) boat. So now we’ll have 2 small playboats (and both will fit in the basement) instead of Allen’s playboat and the longer one hanging on the back ladder. Eric Jackson (famous kayaker guy) said (in a family class Allen & the kids were in) you can have kayaking buddies, but if you teach your kids to paddle, you’ll have kayaking buddies for life. Allen’s working in it.
Matt and Lizzy swam and snorkeled for a while. If you’re wondering, no, the river’s not a good place to snorkel. But they had fun and I worked a little with the New River Gorge as a backdrop. Loved that! See the view from my office in the next post.
Had to throw in a pic of the country roads... take me home... to the place... (sing with me!)