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Kayaking, swimming - or not, and UFC fighting at the campground (on TV anyway!)

Saturday the campground was really hopping. What a change from the silence this week. And this kind of chaos is fun!
The OAC separated into what they’d run, Allen choosing the Cranberry. Which sounds pretty lame, but he said it was awesome! Creeky (so technical and fast all the way without boring parts like on a river) and really fun, even better than the New. After they left, some of the moms, wives, girlfriends, and kids went for a short hike. I also stopped at the visitor center and we got a passport to be stamped at all the national parks we'll be visiting.
Then we planned to go swimming at Fayette Station (under the big bridge), but a raft bus wedged itself into one of the turns, blocking the only road down! Yes the turns are tough and it takes the busses 2-3 maneuvers, but this must have been a newbie. And yes, I took a picture. The kids were sad, so we went back up (which wasn’t easy) and drowned our sorrows in ice cream. :)
Saturday night was fight night, an OAC first. Allen and some of the group are die hard UFC fans and this was the big one between Rampage and Rashad (so big even I know who they are!). So we ordered the fight on pay per view and brought the TV out to the tailgating spot on the side of the RV (super convenient feature!). Everyone pulled chairs around and we had a great time! And no, I don't know how to take photos at night. :p


Heather Mattern said…
Looks like so much fun, never been kayaking!