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Leaving day? Uh, not yet. Long weekend...

So to what exciting destination are the Lundys headed today? Yeah, still sitting in the driveway. It's a glamorous life, or maybe not. We hope to pull out on Tuesday now as we wait on such things as carpet cleaners and satellite figure-outers.
Allen found out DirecTV will come set us up for mobile satellite. (He was doing it himself because he will NOT ask for help for anything! Which obviously doesn't bother me at all. *cough*) So now we're back to probably having cable TV and in the future you might see a UFC fight broadcast on the side of the Lundy rig. Maybe I'll make homemade pizza & popcorn and charge admission. Can you charge admission if you're in a field?
Sickness really spoiled our weekend here. I missed my annual girls' trip to Women of Faith and Allen missed his last week of drumming at church. I'm on the mend, though still pretty weak (which happens when you lose 10 pounds in one day. I know!). Allen's still really tired but will hopefully feel better tomorrow. Seems to be a 24 hour bug, an extremely horrible one, but quick at least.
So needless to say (then why am I??) the RV kitchen is still a wreck. Oh, who am I kidding? The entire RV is a wreck! How is it different than the house? Well, when you have ten times more room, it's easier to make a path! We're easily adjusting to the space and haven't missed much of our house-ness at all. It's weird when you need to move a tub of stuff and really the best place for it is in front of the door or on top of another tub of stuff. So, still working on that. Well, we will when walking across the room isn't so tiring.
Tonight was also our last night with the youth at Grace. Well mine, though Pastor Adam called Allen over the mic so he could say bye from his death bed, I mean sick bed. (He's a man, you know it's the same thing.) We also took a group pic tonight. We'll miss them!
Okay, before I could even post this, our sleepwalker and I argued over whether or not she was asleep (she totally was as she was dancing around looking for lights). There will be some interesting stories about her in the future too!



hiccup42 said…
I hope you feel much better soon! All that weightloss so fast is unhealthy! I hope for your health's sake it was just fluids, although you may be glad to see the back of it (I know I would be!)
God bless