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Our new home (for 2 weeks) in Fayetteville, WV

We're now in Fayetteville, WV near our favorite New River Gorge. This is SUCH a pretty area. AND we have electric, water, satellite, and internet, so life is good! We're also the only ones in the campground, which we're finding very common (and welcomed!) on weekdays. Quick (and bad) pic from the top of the bridge. Under it is the fun stuff though! Pics of that later.
We're at Cantrell's (formerly Rivermen) where we always stay, but our favorite spot is under construction! We were bummed. Then we found out they're redoing ALL the RV sites and had no electric. (Did you hear my heart sinking?) But the nice man working on the sites came by and there's one with electric still so we have that one. Shew! (They do plan to have the electric finished by Memorial Day weekend when our friends arrive, don't worry!)
There are so many things to do around here, and I'm sure Allen and the kids will do many of them! I have a major deadline for a big (top secret sorry!) work project, so I'll be here slaving away, and ever so thankful that I can! (Though I *may* whine occasionally.)