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Our nice, roomy, outdoor kitchen among the Tall Oaks

Sunday night all of the OAC (and their super fun dogs) were gone and the kids were quite depressed. So we had some fun and roasted hot dogs and s’mores over the fire (despite a slight rain even). Isn’t the view great? Cell and internet’s not so great, but at least the view is!
Yum, look closer. :) Yes, we have Ohio State cups. Gotta represent (plus they’re unbreakable - well, don't tell Matt that).
And closer. We tried Tate Chambers’ favorite: S’mores with Reese Cups. HUGE thumbs up on that one! Thanks Tina! Oh, and we had chocolate swirly marshmallows for some reason.


Heather Mattern said…
I LOVE following along with your travels!
Hey, I just saw this! Glad you liked the Reeses S'mores!