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Rain, rain, go away!

I know Allen and his kayaker pals love rain before their weekend trips. The rivers are up, fast, and awesome. But when you live here all week, in an RV, with three children, it gets old fast! We have plenty of games, books, toys, supplies, computers, TVs, PlayStation, and GameBoys, but they want (and need!) to be outside.
Fortunately, it's not been near as bad as I'd imagined. I saw visions of muddy kids fighting all over the RV and my days spent keeping them clean, apart, and occupied. But they've done well! The mess has (mostly) stayed outside. The kids have (mostly) gotten along. And they have (mostly) found plenty to do. They've enjoyed games, movies, and TV. Allen's even taken them on adventures, geocaching, and to become Jr. Rangers at the New River. Apparently national rivers do that as well as national parks.
So there's plenty to do, they haven't killed each other, and life is good. I still want the rain to go away though!


Laurenbavin said…
You've spread the rain virus to here too. After no rain to speak of for 6 months now all that's forecast is rain rain rain.