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Random RVing and geocaching stuff

It was NOT an easy hike, but we found that pesky geocache today! The kids found (and left) some little toys and we left the travel bug we found in WV yesterday and a DSP dogtag too. (Gotta represent!) They can't wait to hunt for the next one. Geocaching is quite the rush! :) (And yes, we were better dressed and prepared!)
Allen got the satellite working and watched the Reds game last night. He's a very happy camper, pun intended. The kids love it too. If you're going to rough it, might as well do it with lots of TV channels??
Here's another RV modification we haven't shared. Lose the closet doors/mirrors. Super heavy and they're just in the way. We have more room getting around the bed and into both sides of the closet without sliding them this way and that. Much better for us!