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That's it you sneaky little geocaches!

No more will you evade our detection. No more will we frustratedly hold the Bushnell GPS (now available cheap on eBay!) and yell at it to find itself. No more will we shake the iPhone as it gets us ever so close then gets stuck just as we're almost there. No more I tell you, because as we speak, our new Garmin Oregon 400T is making its way to us (okay, to our mail drop). And once we unite, there will be no hiding from the Lundys. We WILL find you!
From what I hear, this GPS will all but find the geocaches for us, and it better! Today we gave up on a simple park & grab and didn't even get to the challenging ones. So enough's enough and we're ready to once again go geocaching with our trusty new friend. As soon as we get it. :)