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THIS is why I pick their outfits. And a free May desktop background for digital scrapbooking

This is why I choose coordinating colors when we camp and why I wish I hadn't let the kids express themselves and decide on their (very few) clothes for the next few years! Yes, I'm changing this to black/white because yes, it drives me crazy that they chose pink, red, and orange that day. Pink, red, and orange! Yes, I could change them in Photoshop, but that gets old. I'm either secretly throwing out shirts, buying new ones that will require them to throw out shirts, or maybe I'll just give them a once-over before we go out the door. Doh!
On a more positive note, I do like the desktop wallpaper which you can get today for FREE in DSP's May Newsletter! Designer Robyn Gough created this and another freebie, so subscribe if you want free digital scrapbooking stuff! I personally like the monthly backgrounds 1. for variety, 2. because I don't have to make them myself, 3. (and most importantly) to remind me what month it is!
And, don't even get me started on all my desktop icons. That's worse in my book than pink, red, and orange!


Antoinette said…
LOL - I know what you mean about the matching outfits!
"All" your desktop icons??? ... That's why I never show my desktop. I think you've got 1/3 of what I have. Which reminds me, I should really delete some of them :p
The Valentines said…
Margie, don't stress about their colors - I love them! My eldest dd wore a bright red skort today with a tye-dye T of, orange and pink - she thought she looked amazing, so she shone - let them express themselves, don't throw anything away, LOL!
Anonymous said…
I used to wonder how parents could let their kids wear certain things ... BEFORE I had kids. Dd is 6. Things match simply because they are both shiny ... colour and pattern are irrelevant. There was also the time dd wore a skirt (short) with her soccer socks (black with white stripe) pulled all the way up ... to a school birthday party. She thought it was beautiful. LOL!!!

:-) Maria