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Visited a great church today

Since we're traveling now, we'll be visiting churches along the way. We're looking forward to just enjoying the services without feeling like we need to evaluate everything as we do when we move and are church shopping. We won't be plugging in since we'll be moving on, so we don't need to worry very much about the size, the fit, the programs, the opportunities, or even the teaching (much) as we'll only attend once. So as long as it's a Bible teaching church, we might visit. (More likely if it's easily findable online!) We look forward to exposing the kids to the big, small, fun, serious, formal, informal, traditional, charismatic... the wide variety of churches in the US. We are very set in our beliefs and if/when we ever settle down, we'll be extremely picky, but for now, we'll enjoy the variety. The methods are different, but the message isn't. While Allen will miss playing drums and guitar and we all miss our friends at Grace very much, we're looking forward to our church visits around the country.
Today we went to Grace Community Church in Cranberry, PA and loved it! (The name influenced us a little.) They had great music, great band, and we really wanted more, but they did a Mother's Day child dedication, so understandable. The message was great and the kids loved their classes! Josh and Matt made friends but Lizzy said she didn't because the girls were misbehaving and she didn't want to. Nice! Her teachers back home would be proud (and maybe surprised). :) Friendly parking crew, 4 services to choose from, coffee shop, great kids area, sound teaching. If you're ever in the area (north of Pittsburgh), check it out.